27 OCTOBER 2020


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26 June 2017

4 Sauna Hot Spots in Sydney

Sydney – one of Australia’s largest cities with recognizable landmarks like the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and lots of places to see and enjoy. Sydney offers a busy lifestyle!

Posted by: Sunlighten

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6 June 2017

5 Ideas to Reduce Harmful Toxins and Chemicals in Your Home

Today, we are exposed to more environmental toxins and chemicals than ever before and overexposure may affect your wellbeing.

Posted by: Sunlighten

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22 May 2017

Winter is Coming: 4 Reasons to Invest in Infrared Sauna Therapy

Everyone wants to feel their best – all the time. Often winter chills, colds and flu hit us when we don’t have time to be sick. We tend to ‘push through’ and keep going with our busy lives, affecting those around us.

Posted by: Sunlighten

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28 March 2017

How does an infrared sauna work?

If you’ve ever tried a traditional sauna, it can conjure up memories of high heat, hot rocks and steam. This method of heating hasn’t changed much in hundreds of years.

Posted by: Sunlighten

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