27 OCTOBER 2020


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28 March 2017

How does an infrared sauna work?

If you’ve ever tried a traditional sauna, it can conjure up memories of high heat, hot rocks and steam. This method of heating hasn’t changed much in hundreds of years.

Posted by: Sunlighten

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20 March 2017

Factors That Influence the Cost of an Infrared Sauna

Remember when you purchased a reliable product. Every time you used it you were completely satisfied and pleased with your purchase and investment in a quality product.

Posted by: Sunlighten

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22 February 2017

Building Immunity - Guest Post by Paul Harper ND

My introduction to Natural Medicine was Cancer, not myself, but in one of the closest people in my life. It was that experience, that lead me to change direction and return to Uni, to study Nutrition and Naturopathy with the dream, of one day, working at the cutting edge of Cancer Care. 

Posted by: Paul Harper

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17 February 2017

How Often Should You Use an Infrared Sauna?

It’s great that you are considering using an infrared sauna. They are a fantastic tool for your wellbeing and maintenance. In saying that, we want to ensure that you get the most from your sauna which will have you feeling your best.

Posted by: Sunlighten

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