Posted by Sunlighten on 8 April 2016

How To Get More Oxygen Into Your Body (And Why)

Oxygen therapy is a new concept for many people. However, it has been used for years in achieving optimal performance in not only athletes but also executives and those looking for wellness outcomes.

Oxygen Therapy?

Have you ever thought about the ways you may have starved your body of oxygen?

In our busy 24/7 world, everyday people are looking for ways to stay well.

Professional athletes and executives, in particular, are known for using oxygen to assist with both physical strains and for mental clarity.

Introducing the AirPod

Providing Pressurised Air to improve the availability of oxygen in your body.

airpod hyperbaric oxygen

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Japan is recognised as the leader in wellness therapy.

The AirPod, manufactured in Japan, is an established, non-medical therapy, embraced by the mainstream user for repair and wellness.

It uses mild-pressure to improve the availability and delivery of oxygen throughout the body. And can lead to a number of outcomes.

This video speaks to Sunlighten’s Commercial Director, Dennis Rozich, who addresses the key talking points of the AirPod.

VIDEO: What is the AirPod?

The AirPod is a great option for people and businesses looking for a different and modern wellness offering.

The Experience

To make the AirPod accessible, we decided to offer AirPod treatments at our Wellness Rooms in South Melbourne.

Have you tried oxygen therapy before? Send us an email. We’d love to hear how it went and your results.

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*Sunlighten does not provide medical advice. We recommend you consult with a health care practitioner if you are unsure if using the AirPod is right for you. For best results, our products should be used in conjunction with an appropriate diet and exercise program. Individual results may vary.   

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