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Interior decorating with the mPulse sauna range

Our luxurious range of mPulse home saunas can come in your choice of three timbers, each with their own unique style and colour.

If you're planning on renovating your house, make sure to include plans to upgrade your health and wellness regime with a new mPulse sauna. Here is a brief decorating guide to help you place one in the home.


Our eucalyptus saunas are made with a wood type that is both durable and fresh, much like Australia itself.

Eucalyptus wood has a soft brown feel to it, with hints of orange as well. You should consider decorating in a very natural way to complement this style, or add it to your already natural house. That means plenty of natural-look wood such as bamboo, accompanied by bright colours and possibly even splashes of green to highlight. Daylight will bounce well off the timber, so make sure to keep this sauna where the sun will see it.

Western Red Cedar

Hailing from the forests of Vancouver, Canada, western red cedar timber is both classy and stylish.

The timber is darker in colour than either its eucalyptus or basswood cousins, but as such it works well in a high-class or colonial-style setting. Old fashioned darkwood furniture, the kinds of which you would normally see in these types of houses, work well with western red cedar. Don't disregard installing it in a bright-neutral home, however, as the contrasting colours could be exactly what you're looking for.

Hypoallergenic Basswood

If you sometimes struggle with allergies, try our hypoallergenic basswood instead.

This brightly coloured timber has a creamy hue to it, meaning it would work well in most contemporary home settings. If there will be darker areas in your new home, perhaps those not met with enough natural daylight, an mPulse sauna made of basswood could fit perfectly there. It will glow gently in the light, and won't seem obtrusive in your overall colour scheme thanks to its neutral tone.

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