Posted on 5 May 2021

Jono Castano, founder of ACERO Training, shares his recovery routine and more

Jono Castano, Friend of Sunlighten Australia and founder of ACERO Training in Sydney is one of Australia’s leading personal trainers, a highly sought-after fitness educator and all-round motivator. 

This month, we spoke with Jono about how he incorporates his Sunlighten Signature Euro 2 Infrared Sauna sessions into his weekly recovery routine, his inspiration behind ACERO and more.

Sunlighten: ACERO is transforming the concept of a training gym to a boutique experience and is committed to taking the fitness environment, and individual client performance, to the next level. In creating ACERO, what did you want to achieve both personally and with your clients in this incredible new fitness space?

Jono: With ACERO, I wanted to create a space that embodied everything I ever implemented with my clients. I was always a fan of trialing new ways to train so we have some incredible pieces of equipment that most gyms don’t. We have trainers that specialise in different training facets like strength, HIIT, boxing and Pilates as it’s important to find what you enjoy doing and not get bored of training that same way every day.

It was also important for me to include recovery as being quite busy myself, I neglected stretching quite a lot, so we have an incredible recovery specialist, Jorge and all the recovery tools, including Sunlighten Infrared saunas. Apart from the training and recovery aspect, it was important for ACERO to have an incredible vibe and a focus on community as that’s what I am about.

Sunlighten: How would you describe the way in which ACERO is leading the industry and changing the way we think about training?

Jono: I think ACERO is changing the personal training space by acknowledging that different ways of training is the way forward with fitness. For me, training the same way every day and for most of my clients leads to getting bored and training then becomes mundane.

We want people to be excited about training and that’s why having different kinds of trainers specializing in different aspects was important to me. Every trainer has a different style and process to their session and for me, I always found the concept of client ownership so backwards. At ACERO, we are a team, and our clients get to experience different trainers’ week in week out.

Sunlighten: Can you tell us what was your inspiration to include an Infrared sauna as part of the ACERO experience?

Jono: Recovery is so important in order to perform at your best. Having an Infrared sauna was important to me to aid the recovery process and also help give my clients that “me” time as I feel a lot of us look over the fact that we all need it once in a while. Being able to train and also get an infrared sauna session in at the same place cuts down time out of my client’s busy schedules and makes it much easier for them to add it to their day.

Sunlighten: What are the top 3 benefits we can enjoy when we recover well after training sessions? 

  • Being able to perform better and get more out of our training
  • Avoid injury and fatigue
  • Great for our mental health

Sunlighten: What are four things people can do to rest and recover after an intense training session? 

  • Stretching
  • Massage
  • Infrared Sauna
  • Staying hydrated

Sunlighten: You have been using your Sunlighten Signature Euro 2 Infrared Sauna at ACERO for a few months now.  Can you share what benefits you have started noticing since incorporating infrared sauna sessions into your weekly routine? 

  • Quicker recovery time after training sessions
  • Improved mental health
  • Clearer mind
  • Feeling incredible
  • Clear skin
  • Staying hydrated

Sunlighten: How have your clients at ACERO been incorporating infrared sauna sessions into their programs and what benefits have they noticed?

Jono: Most of my clients like to include a weekly sauna session into their routine after their workout or before their recovery session. The feedback that I get is that they feel amazing and have better sleep which helps them reduce stress. We have them booked in for a 45-minute session, some use it for as long as they can fit it into their schedule which can be from 15 minutes to even an hour.

Sunlighten: What would be the three words often used by your clients to describe how they feel post a sauna session?

Jono: Amazing, incredible and on top of the world

Sunlighten: What podcasts or books are currently inspiring you?

Jono: I love listening to podcasts in my Sunlighten Infrared sauna, one of my favorites is How I Built this by Guy Raz. It’s so inspiring to hear about other people’s businesses and the struggles/success they had along their journey

I also read a quote everyday out of a book called Mind Platter by Najwa Zebian. These quotes really make you think and reflect on how it relates to my life and current situation.

Sunlighten: What is your current wellness obsession?

Jono: I love going for long walks with my wife and dog Ollie, we have some of our best and deep conversations on these walks. Also, Sunlighten Infrared Sauna sessions, I just love going into the sauna and switching off in-between my clients. My days are so busy that a ½ and hour infrared sauna session to myself makes a whole world of difference. Giving myself time for me only helps me reset, reflect and being present.

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