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Saunas are excellent tools that aid in rest, relaxation, recovery and rejuvenation of the human body and mind. They can help to remove toxins from within the body, assist with a range of wellness outcomes. Here at Sunlighten, we have different styles of saunas for sale which can be customised to your liking, and we also provide accessories to further enhance your sauna experience.

Sunlighten saunas have clinically backed Solocarbon heaters.  The Solocarbon heaters are so effective because they have near, mid and far infrared rays at the optimal wavelengths which have the most positive effect on the human body.

Completely safe and are completely made from non-toxic materials. You are well protected from off-gassing since the Solocarbon panels are heat sealed which means that no glue or wires have been used.

Our saunas have the highest infrared emissivity, referring to how efficient the infrared heat is conducted and emitted. The Solarcarbon heating element has been independently tested outside of the company and has been found to be between 95-99% effective in delivering the highest concentration of infrared rays so you get the most benefits. 

The make and build of each sauna is beautiful while being extremely strong and has Eco-certified craftsmanship. The wood used is 33% thicker than most other saunas and all wood is responsibly sourced.

If you would like to experience our saunas first hand, consider visiting our new open to the public sauna rooms in South Melbourne.


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