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The lotus blossoms with the light every day. Like that beautiful flower, you can find hope in stories, studies, and scientific a-ha moments that enlighten our mind and encourage our heart. The lotus symbolises an overcoming spirit. Rooted in dark, muddy waters, it finds a way to thrive. As you spur yourself on through struggles and challenges, we want to help. We are constantly gathering the brightest ideas to help you on your journey of wholeness and well-being. Let this place be a resource for you.

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3 minute read

A time for Inner Transformation: Insights from the Global Wellness Summit talk on Wellness Reimagined

In the midst of uncertainty and disconnection, the topic of Wellness Reimagined 2.0 and the rise of inner transformation was born from the discussions at the 2023 Global Wellness Summit lead by Victor Koo, which calls for a return to the roots of our existence – a harmonious coexistence with nature and a profound journey within ourselves.


4 minute read

Biological Age vs. Chronological Age—Why It Matters  

Discovering the secrets to aging gracefully and living a longer, healthier life is at the heart of recent breakthroughs in longevity research. Imagine having the power to not only know your age but also understand how well your body is aging internally. This knowledge opens the door to making lifestyle changes that could potentially reverse the aging process and extend your years of vitality.

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4 minute read

Sunlighten Conversations: How Jesinta Franklin incorporates her sauna into her busy lifestyle

Recently we sat down for an exclusive Q&A session with wellness enthusiast, model, and philanthropist Jesinta Franklin. We had the pleasure of delving into her journey with her Sunlighten infrared sauna and exploring how this wellness practice has impacted her daily routine, as well as her overall well-being, since choosing to incorporate the mPulse Discover into her beautiful Gold Coast home.


6 minute read

Understanding the Link Between Inflammation and Your Age 

It’s called inflammaging, and it marks the physiological process of your cells changing. Here’s how to combat age-related inflammation.


6 minute read

Spring Detox Tips for Your Body and Home

Now is a great time for a "spring detox" for your health and home. Here are tips that can help you.