Signature III

Select this 3-person sauna for simple luxury.

With the push of a button, you’ll enjoy a deep cellular detox and support overall wellness in the sanctuary of your own personal home sauna. Surrounded in gentle far infrared heat, you’ll relax, boost your immune system, improve circulation, and naturally detoxify your body. A three-person sauna, the Signature III cabin space can be shared, or remove the bench for stretching or simple yoga alone.


You want effective far infrared to help you feel better, simply and affordably. Here's what you'll experience with a Signature sauna:

Share your infrared sauna experience or stretch out on your own in Sunlighten’s Signature III home sauna. Inside the cabin, peace is palpable. You close the door and enter your own escape from the world for a while—an escape that gifts you with renewed energy and healing for your mind, body and spirit.

Product Specifications


    Width: 1,583 mm

    Depth: 1,167 mm

    Height: 1,980 mm

    Door Opening: 711 mm


    Basswood: 260 kg

    Eucalyptus: 308 kg


    12 FIR


    Depth: 1,442 mm

    Width: 1,014 mm

    Height: 1,785 mm


    240V 2251Watts. Dedicated 15A circuit and 15A power socket protected by a 16A RCBO installed in the meter box. Minimum 2.5mm cable required for circuit; 2.5m cord exits from back left side of the base.


    Width: 1,438 mm

    Depth: 514 mm

    Height from Floor: 496 mm


  • Ultra Premium Appearance
  • Longevity and Durability
  • Sustainable/Green/Renewable

The Signature III

Relax while immersed in quality. Sunlighten’s SoloCarbon® heaters deliver the highest quality and quantity far infrared heat available on the market, which means you get the most effective health benefits. Our technology design mitigates EMFs to a lower level than most common household items. The air is not suffocating or harsh, it’s a gentle, comforting warmth. The Signature III seats up to three people, with a comfortable, multi-function bench that can be removed to maximize room for stretching or simple yoga poses. Our powerful Magne-seal locking method makes assembly easy and keeps heat in with no unsightly screws or nails. Chromotherapy lighting enhances your home sauna experience using colors from the sun’s visible light spectrum to bring balance and mental wellbeing.


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