For New Zealand Businesses

Low Cost Investment High ROI

We understand that a return on investment is critical when adding new equipment to your business. Integrating infrared sauna therapy into your business will be the best investment you make all year. A Sunlighten sauna is a low-cost investment that immediately generates revenue with minor overhead cost.


ROI in a Matter of Months

What is unique about Sunlighten’s business model is how we come to market and can help you boost your revenue stream. We are the manufacturers; we own the entire process from research and development to production. From years of experience working with businesses in Australia, New Zealand, and worldwide, as well as hands-on knowledge gained from operating our corporate-owned day spa business, we know how to market Sunlighten treatments to increase client demand and maximise revenue.

Watch Connie Zack, Sunlighten and Sunlight Day Spa Co-Owner; Sam Gegen, Director of Business Development Sales; and the founders of Pure Sweat & Float Studio and ReCOVER NYC discuss how beneficial owning a Sunlighten sauna is to your bottom line. 

Markets We Serve

The top markets we serve in Australia and New Zealand are spas, fitness centers, and medical facilities. Sunlighten has provided thousands of commercial spas with the numerous health benefits of infrared, from relaxation to detoxification to anti-aging. Infrared therapy is a perfect supplement to any fitness routine, whether it’s being used to enhance a workout, relieve muscle strain and pain, improve flexibility or one’s overall health. The clinically proven benefits, such as lowering blood pressure, detoxification, stress relief, and more, allow infrared sauna therapy to be a natural supplement to an existing health regimen. 


Day Spa Expertise

Sunlighten is here because we believe infrared therapy is so powerful for improving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it should be available to everyone. Our world headquarters opened a day spa in 2008 to truly learn and understand the marketplace for our commercial customers. From that hands-on experience, we have developed the right pricing model for all types of businesses as well as packages and add-ons. It also gives us the ability to test new products and processes and work with our clients to beta test products, processes and services. We share the results by providing our Australian and New Zealand commercial customers with continuous support via our Marketing Portal. 


Marketing Support

We have taken out the guesswork and packaged up your tools for success for incorporating Sunlighten therapy into your business. You benefit from our experience successfully marketing infrared therapy to create demand, generate income, and increase your referral network. Via our Marketing Portal, you will find training documents, marketing collateral, swipe copy and imagery. As part of our partnership, we will help guide you in making decisions on how to make the most use of provided marketing materials both within your facility and beyond as well as marketing techniques that have been successful for our commercial network.


Maximize Your Investment

When it comes to investing in your business, you want to ensure you are taking a calculated risk. One that will not only provide you with a return on your investment but will also provide your clientele with a service that will be so beneficial, they will continue to come back for more as well as become a referral for your business. With clinically-backed results, you will have the confidence to promote Sunlighten infrared therapy while giving your clients peace of mind. In addition to the health benefits, Sunlighten saunas require no routine maintenance and are exceptionally energy efficient and cost effective to operate.